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You might have already heard about the GASCHer's smurf collector's service. Since we first issued the smurf collector's catalog in 1995, a world-wide smurf collecting boom has started whereby the GASCHer's catalog (der Schlumpfkatalog) has become the standard reference book for both dealers and collectors. As one of the first smurf dealers we helped building up nearly all of the large smurf collections. We have sent thousands of missing smurfs to collectors in more than 40 Countries. We do depend on our good reputation and therefore we are known in the “smurfer’s scene” not only for our professional competence regarding the little blue guys, but also for our trustability and fairness.

Our easy to use online smurf shop gives the chance for all smurf collectors to look for missing smurfs and simply order via a mouseclick in one of the world's largest selection of smurf items. For further facts regarding the shop, payment, shipping, etc. please take a look at our “Help”. You can find the legal stuff at “Terms of Trade”. If you still have any questions, please feel free to ask info(at)



Schleich-Animals and Schleich-Figures are number one on the children’s wish lists all over the world.
But there is also an increasing number of “big kids” finding the Schleich-Animals and Schleich-Figures as a wonderful topic to collect. Some specialize in topics like Schleich-Horses, Schleich-Knights,
Schleich-Elves etc. – others just want to have all of them.
Now it’s getting hard to find older Schleich-Models that are no longer offered in the current Schleich program. GASCHer’s is trying to offer many of these Schleich-Rarities so that collectors will have the chance to get hold of even the rare Schleich-Items they are looking for.

Of course GASCHer’s will always offer the complete current Schleich product range and all Schleich-Novelties at reasonable prices.

And now enjoy the Schleich-World!