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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I do not like to order over the internet ...

Of course ordering over the internet is always a matter of trust.

GASCHer's has established an excellent reputation with many collector's catalogs and a good and obliging service for Schlumpf and Schleich collectors worldwide over the last 20 years. We have thousands of positive reviews on ebay and AMAZON - more than a third of our customers are repeat customers.

We live by our reputation and will do our utmost to satisfy you with our service and our items.


For clarity, we have separated the two major collector fields in our shop.

By clicking on the corresponding image ("Smurf World" and "Schleich World") you can switch between the offers for Smurfs and the large selection of Schleich items.
Of course all purchases are collected in one shopping cart.

Is the item available - how is it's condition?

If you can buy an item with the "order" button, it is also in stock and can be delivered immediately.

Unless stated otherwise, all offered figures are in mint condition and sealed in original packaging / with tags. Except for items from older productions or purchased from private collections - this is mentioned in the description. Production-related minor paint defects and slight signs of wear on rare, old figures should be treated leniently. Justified complaints are handled in a courteous manner.


Detailed information about our shipping costs can be found here: payment and shipping

You will receive an email with the DHL tracking number. This way you can view the shipping status at any time: DHL-tracking

Minimum order value

There is no minimum order value at GASCHer's

Top offers

Here you will find short-term, attractive offers and absolute rarities for collectors. Since these extremely rare pieces do not exist several times, the faster wins!


You can find information on payment here


Prices are in Euro and include VAT. We make an effort to offer the current Schleich program at very reasonable prices. The prices for older collectors figures are based on the current market value, our purchase prices, demand and our inventory. Prices are updated several times a month. It is often possible to order a figure that we purchased cheap at a "bargain price" - on the other hand, a highly requested figure or one removed from the Schleich program can be more expensive.

Order form

To make your purchase even easier, you can open a GASCHer's a customer account - to do so you only have to "make up" your password and user name when logging in.

How do I find the figure I want?

All figures are divided into clear groups and can be found with the navigation bar on the left. With the search engine you also have the option to find individual figures, item numbers, prices, versions, etc.

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